National Tourism Experience Awards

The National Tourism Experience Awards is a programme launched by the Qatar National Tourism Council to celebrate contributions to the excellence and uniqueness of the Qatar visitor experience. The programme was developed with the support of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), lending expertise to the programme design and helping to position it at the international level. 

The awards are a key component of The Next Chapter of the National Tourism Sector Strategy, a five-year plan launched in 2017 that places visitor experiences at the heart of tourism development

The independently-judged awards programme sheds a spotlight on what it takes to curate a visitor’s experience at every touch point of his or her end-to-end journey. The programme is designed to encourage all actors who play a direct or indirect role in the delivery of experiences to Qatar’s visitors, to develop and emulate exceptional initiatives and outstanding experiences.

The programme aims at raising the bar towards excellence through encouraging all the actors to integrate 4 pillars within their policies and actions that are considered key values of the Programme:

  • Experience orientation: An emphasis and focus on offering memorable, unique experiences to visitors.
  • Service excellence: An organisational commitment to delivering service that consistently meets and exceeds the expectations of visitors.
  • Sustainability: Having policies, initiatives, or projects that help to preserve the natural environment, perpetuate local culture and traditions, and contribute to the socioeconomic development of Qatar.
  • Accessibility: Ensuring broad access of products and services to all—regardless of physical limitations, disabilities, gender, age, nationality or language—in terms of physical environment, transportation, information and communication, and other facilities and services.