Qatar, the second state in the world.

Mentioning the names Qatar and Doha (the capital) makes us think of tall skyscrapers, shopping and oil.

But Qatar is so much more, and just to set the record straight, it got rich by gas and not oil.

Qatar is an interesting country, with independency of some four decades, since September 3rd 1971 used to be a British protectorate before that.

The country is run by Amir Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, who took over the rule of the country in a peaceful uprising in 1995, from his father.

So why is Qatar the second country in the world? It’s the second, right after Oman and together with Saudi Arabia, when it comes to GDP spending for military (some 10%) and the second largest GDP growth, which is also the second largest (right after Liechtenstein), with $121.000/citizen.

Compared with Slovenia it has twice the GDP and four times higher GDP/citizen and spends ten times more for its military than we do.