Category Description

The Cultural Experiences Category aims to recognise organisations that help visitors experience Qatari culture, values, traditions and heritage, or that showcase elements of the broader, rich cultural fabric that reflects Qatar’s modern, multicultural society.

This category will reward organisations—large or small—that provide visitors with unique, memorable experiences related to Qatar’s various cultural offerings, directly or indirectly, at one or several points of the visitor end-to-end journey (from their homes, journeying to and around Qatar, and returning back home).

Examples of awardees could range from an international tour operator effectively promoting Qatar’s unique culture and cultural offerings from abroad, to an organisation offering a cultural experience in Qatar related to any dimension of culture.

Relevant cultural experiences could include:

  • unique and outstanding experiences in museums and heritage sites;
  • viewing or participating in traditional practices, crafts, games or sports;
  • viewing or participating in visual and performing arts;
  • learning about Qatar’s history and local ways of life—both past and present.

Outstanding and unique cultural experiences could include local cuisine, music, art, clothing, language, architecture and design, historical re-enactments, religion and religious practices, and more.

Apply here and tell us about the outstanding and unique cultural experiences that you are sharing with Qatar’s citizens, residents and visitors that leave them with an enhanced understanding and appreciation of Qatar’s rich cultural landscape.

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