Category Description

The Inspiring Experiences Category celebrates organisations—large or small—that create positive, memorable experiences for visitors at one or more points of their end-to-end journey (from their homes, journeying to and around Qatar, and returning back home again) that generate inspiring stories about Qatar.

Examples of awardees could be an organisation that promotes and/or provide visitors with memorable business travel experiences or unforgettable leisure travel experiences. Awardees can either inspire visitors to come to Qatar through exceptional marketing initiatives or deliver experiences to visitors that create positive memories and inspire storytelling due to:

  • active participation in organised tourism activities;
  • cultural exchange and learning through encounters and interactions with residents before, during and after the visit;
  • attendance at or participation in exceptional business or leisure events including festivals, sports events, incentive trips, etc.; or
  • personally revitalising or transformational experiences.

Apply here and tell us about the inspiring experiences that you are sharing with Qatar’s citizens, residents and visitors that leave them feeling fulfilled—or even changed—and with a greater understanding and appreciation of the innovation and inspiration that shape Qatar, its institutions and its people.

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