Category Description

The Smart Solutions Category will reward organisations—large or small—that support the provision of enhanced visitor experiences, directly or indirectly, at one or several points of the visitor end-to-end journey (from their homes, journeying to and around Qatar, and returning home) through the application of new technologies and/or products, processes or organisational innovations.

Smart tourism experience initiatives could be related to enhancements in digital information and marketing, visitor mobility and accessibility, environmental conditions, or other aspects of the visitor experience.

Examples of awardees in this category could include:

  • international travel firms effectively marketing Qatar as a tourism destination through social media, videos or apps;
  • local organisation(s) providing experiences that showcase different dimensions of Qatar as a “smart” destination, such as the delivery of efficient, high-quality transportation; seamless wayfinding and visitor flow management;
  • organisations that provide broadly accessible visitor information, products and services;
  • organisations that provide best-in-class interpretation at attractions and scenic spots;
  • providers of innovations to improve environmental conditions for visitors; or innovations to ease visitor transactions (e.g. in communications, payment systems, customs and immigration procedures, ground services, etc.).

Apply here and tell us about the smart solutions that you have developed to enhance the experience of Qatar’s citizens, residents and visitors in their exploration of Qatar.

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